Multi-Tenant Desktop as a Service

  • DOD | Virtualization | Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The DoD/BRAC 133 at Mark Center consolidated 6,400 employees from more than 24 DoD agencies, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and the Washington Headquarters Services onto one 16-acre campus. Blackspoke delivered the final design for a multi-tenant Desktop as a Service (DaaS) environment supporting multiple tenants within the Mark Center.

As part of the Base Closure and Realignment efforts the Enterprise Information Technology Services Directorate (EITSD) CIO tasked Blackspoke and the BRAC team to develop Virtual Desktop Infrastructure that could provide desktop services to any of the interested Mark Center tenants. This required a custom solution using VMware View and Microsoft’s Forefront Identity Management tool to create a shared Directory to host the desktop solution which would allow the hosting of multiple tenant platforms while maintaining strict security guidelines dictating the separation of data.

Blackspoke engineers developed the solution with strong support from both VMware and Cisco to create scalable VDI that could support authentication data separation for multiple tenants. In order to ensure success requirements were gathered by working with the Government sponsor to ensure that all stakeholders were engaged, leading to multiple design changes to support all tenant needs. Ultimately a working solution was developed that satisfied the requirements of the tenants while also meeting certification and accreditation goals for the agency.

  • Scalable multi-tenant Virtual Desktop solution developed through the integration of products from multiple vendors.
  • Design was chosen as finalist for presentation at VMworld.
  • Security-accredited solution to allow for data separation of multiple tenants desktop environments.