Web Application Hybrid Move to the Cloud

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Blackspoke led the design efforts for an Intelligence customer’s Hybrid Cloud initiative to provide a scalable SharePoint farm to drive web system consolidation. A hybrid solution of on-premised Datacenter hosted and Cloud based on an Amazon Web Servers (AWS) Cloud was chosen to allow the Government customer the flexibility to quickly move the entire Farm between platforms based on demand and expense.

This agency in particular was plagued with multiple web based content management systems that fell short of providing a single application platform that could be leveraged and ingested by the entire community. The constant disconnect between which tools to use for what purpose led the government to standardizing all content management into one single system. Blackspoke was chosen to deliver a SharePoint design that could meet the goals of centralizing all of the Agency’s content management systems and additionally had to design the system to work on a hybrid Onpremise/Cloud hosting platform.

Blackspoke used their previous experience with multiple designs and chose the best aspects of each to develop a hybrid approach. The system was globally load-balanced and provided the required uptime to maintain the Agency’s Mission Objectives. The system to date is the targeted system for all web based application development. All newly introduced web based systems go through a five-point inspection in which a decision is made on whether or not to integrate into SharePoint directly or to simply build a custom solution with SharePoint to replace the application’s functionality.

  • Custom Application reduction by over 30% year to date
  • Hybrid solution with auto-scaling that saved the agency over 125k in licensing year to date
  • Fully replicated architecture able to withstand multiple points of failure
  • Reduction of server footprint by 50% saving in licensing and maintenance costs
  • Cost savings of over 300k in the elimination of other off the shelf applications