Case Study

Cloud Native Application Platforms

Problem Statement

Many of Blackspoke’s customers are trying to support their modern-day missions using aging stovepiped applications. As a result, the applications are slowing the business process, while continuing to drain money for sustainment. Building on our Cloud capabilities and experience with SecDevOps we are using modern development practices and pipelines to modernize application delivery.

Blackspoke Solution

Blackspoke applies experience modernizing applications to cloud-native platforms to match the business operations. Monolithic applications are retired and replaced with a modular service centric delivery. We focus not on vendors and applications but providing modular services and API driven platforms to accomplish business objectives. We deliver these results by converting to SecDevOps practices that support continuous integration and continuous delivery, automation in all aspects of testing, and by leveraging centrally managed platforms and pipelines that speed time to deployment. We use our experience with data engineering to build modern analytic platforms to deliver data across a consolidated platform of services.

Customer Results

We applied this approach on a recent program performing Agile Operations and maintenance for a large Data Warehouse supporting over twenty corporate line of business applications. We implemented a service-centric framework providing access to critical information to users increasing customer adoption by over 50% in the first year. We improved upon this by building an API mediation layer standardizing all access to stored metadata, automating access requests, and automating role and attribute based access management. This allowed the customer to move nearly all manual processes increasing time to respond by 75% and providing a complete and trackable auditing capability to meet security requirements.