Case Study

Information Technology Business Process Improvement

Problem Statement

Blackspoke’s customer manages a complex, hybrid cloud infrastructure and multiple large application portfolios. The environment presents challenges to communicating, reporting, and tracking project tasks across individual contracts, projects, and teams. A lack of project coordination and reporting consistently required additional resources to complete work and led to delayed project deliveries, including the adoption of mission-critical technologies.

Blackspoke Solution

To meet the challenge, Blackspoke leveraged existing enterprise systems and software to engineer a capability named Fusion in three phases:

  1. standardize and normalize data collection related to all PMO tasks across all contracts,
  2. choose a central location for task collection and ingest, and
  3. deliver a capability to create ad-hoc reports and dashboards based on the data collected across each contract.

The resultant SharePoint-based solution enabled centralized project tracking and reporting by integrating with existing enterprise Remedy ticketing workflows and joining data from individual IT contracts with the Remedy data for real-time updates to assigned resources, a summary of blockers, and KPIs to increase the velocity of Agile based delivery. Blackspoke also developed multiple HTML and JavaScript-based dashboard pages to give the Government consolidated visibility into all ongoing efforts across their infrastructure and application portfolios.

Customer Results

The Fusion solution reduced the Government’s monthly oversight workload by 25+ man-hours by eliminating previous Excel spreadsheet, emails, tickets, data-wrangling, and manual data merging manual reporting efforts.