Case Study

Multi-Classification CI/CD Pipeline

Problem Statement

Classified development presents perennial challenges to streamlined, collaborative development across geographical locations. The need to be physically on-site and the large volume of bureaucratic and security approvals associated with high-side delivery is not always attractive to top-tier engineering talent.

Blackspoke Solution

Blackspoke designed and delivered a unified, multi-classification domain continuous integration / continuous delivery pipeline that enabled developers to code, test, and deploy classified capabilities from anywhere with built-in security requirements for containers and container scanning. Using skilled developers from across the country who communicated in real-time using tools like Slack and Jira, our team remotely developed and tested code on the low side, built and pushed the tested code through a unified pipeline, traversed the classification divide using a cross-domain scanning solution, and tested and deployed the latest dot release version on the high-side using on-site, cleared developers.

Customer Results

Using the cross-domain development and delivery process, Blackspoke reduced the end-to-end process to code/test low and build/deploy containers by 75%. With the solution in-place prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our team was fully prepared when several of our customer’s key offices closed and co-workers became more dependent on virtual communication platforms. We maintained operational continuity with little-to-no interference.