Case Study

OpenDataStore (ODS) Dissemination

Problem Statement

One of our IC customers maintains an enormous imagery library to enable the timely availability of geospatial imagery to analysts. Previous siloed imagery repositories required users to cross multiple paths and systems to reach a desired file – a time-consuming process. Using cloud services, tools, and technologies, NGA required a transformative self-service library solution (ODS) to consolidate and standardize how files are ingested, tagged, managed, and distributed to the end user.

Blackspoke Solution

As a prime contractor Blackspoke met the ODS data distribution challenge by building multiple enterprise-level data dissemination services to satisfy requests from across NGA programs. Using HTTPS, SFTP, and FTPS protocols, we built a cloud native dissemination microservice that integrated with external services for data storage, credential authentication, authorization determinations, and file manipulations. A SAFe Agile construct enabled cross-service team synchronization and service integration, and the Blackspoke team’s highly collaborative approach continually accounted for how user requests files, required data transformations, and ongoing improvements and upgrades to external services during sprints and releases.

Customer Results

The Blackspoke Data Dissemination service reduced file access times by more than 30%, allowing files to be disseminated using a single API with multiple protocol options to service file requests. With this streamlined approach, users can now use a metadata based authentication engine to access back-end data repositories, request the data they need, and receive it in near-real-time.