IC Agency Move to the Cloud

  • Intelligence Community | Security | Microsoft Infrastructure

As more Government agencies recognize the value of Cloud platforms for providing consistent and reliable computing services that scale as demand grows, Blackpoke has been called to assist with the migration of legacy workloads to these platforms.   Recently a National Security Customer began their move to agency-hosted Amazon Web Services (AWS) based cloud.

Moving to the Cloud has been an initiative across the Government and more so in the Intelligence Community.  One IC customer was faced with budget cuts and failing hardware that hosted business essential, mission-critical applications.  Blackspoke was put in charge of engineering a solution to move the application farm consisting of over 30 Virtual Servers supporting over 35k active users to an agency-hosted AWS cloud platform. This would be the agency’s first application to move to the Cloud, with strict deadlines and budget concerns being a top priority.

Blackspoke provided a detailed project schedule with specific milestones to meet both the business and technical requirements of the Government.  The undertaking was projected to take 18 months but though the use of a consistent deployment process utilizing a proprietary set of scripts developed by Blackspoke, the total time was reduced to just over 12 months. Due to the nature of the application itself, Blackspoke was required to build out the foundational infrastructure in the Cloud to include Identity Services, Relational Database Services, and Public Key Infrastructure Services to help facilitate a successful implementation and migration.  The solution was the first in its class to be placed on the agency-hosted platform. The project planning approach, test and deployment plans and certification and accreditation process developed by Blackspoke has now been adopted as the standard template for all other applications moving to the agency-hosted cloud platform.

  • Reduction of project schedule by 33% from 18 months to just over 12 months.
  • Reduction of $500k to Government budget related to hardware and O&M expenditures
  • Development of a consistent and streamlined approach to Cloud transitions adopted agency wide.