Developing innovative solutions for the intelligence community

Blackspoke's core is about putting trust in talented individuals that come together as a team. It is amazing what we can accomplish if we do not care who gets the credit.

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People are our greatest asset

We hire technical subject matter experts to solve hard problems.

We are not looking to just put a body in a seat. We hire seasoned people who are experts in their field or have the ability and drive to get there, and they enjoy the fact that our customers bring us their hardest problems to solve.

Expert Consultants

Proven Methods

Team Environment

Industry Leader

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Work alongside people who
take pride in what they do

We operate at the intersection of leading-edge IT and the Intelligence Community

  • Our people are highly vetted

    90+% of our employees have Top Secret Clearances and above.

  • Our people aren't sitting on help desks

    They are running Agile Development Scrums. They are deploying Cloud Technology in environments where it's never been done before.

  • Our people are pushing the envelope

    They are developing micro-services and conducting SecDevOps and infusing commercial software development expertise into the secure computing world. They are Analyzing Data to answer questions people weren't sure could even be asked previously.

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Tech leader

We are closely aligned with the leading technology vendors in our space.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and Amazon Select Partner. This means our employees have access to the latest products, training, and resources that develop and demonstrate critical knowledge and skills.







A career with Blackspoke offers a commitment to you