Blackspoke delivers transformative solutions to meet the demands of today's missions.

Our clients rely on us to solve complex problems through our expertise in modern technologies built around security, analytics, and cloud delivery.

Built on a foundation of industry-recognized best practices and proven project management methods

Answering the challenges that many government agencies face

Our IC and DoD clients have specific mission drivers, and technology is an enabler in addressing those drivers. At Blackspoke, we focus on selection and application of practical, implementable, and sustainable technologies that leverage mature and emerging tools in addressing both common and unique client challenges.

We exist to find and deliver IT solutions that improve the results our clients are capable of delivering. For us, it’s all about delivering next-level capability. The technology is how we get there.

We are an Arlington-based certified Small Business Administration (SBA) small business offering a breadth of information technology services. Much of our work answers the challenge that many government agencies face of improving upon existing infrastructure, migrating to new storage solutions, or creating products that will improve efficiency, fortify cybersecurity, or enhance current capabilities. Our specialty is within the Intelligence Community (IC) and DoD.

Software Development (SecDevOps)

Our developers put security first, literally. We understand modern development pipelines and use automation to provide a continuous release and fast time to market for new capabilities without creating technical debt for operations teams or security holes for the organization. We thrive on secure networks and bring an underlying culture that embraces security and continuous learning as part of its core mission.

Security and Data Analytics

Data Lakes and analytics environments are the nervous system for today’s critical decision environments. Modern command and control capabilities, only perform at their best when they provided rapid access to accurate and timely data. We support some of the most advanced data and imagery systems in the world empowering our customers to ensure National Security.

Cloud Services

Let us help you embrace cloud native development and application hosting. Our well-architected designs can help support infrastructure as code (IaC) based approaches to decouple the application and platform layers to enhance security, scalability, and responsiveness. Our robust cloud analytics and insight has helped countless customers reduce their Cloud spend while maintaining performance objectives.

Infrastructure and Data Analytics

We manage compute Infrastructure and data itself to empower customers to get more value from their data. We have a specialty in Microsoft Server and Database Infrastructure, and use SharePoint and a variety of Business Intelligence tools (Tableau, etc.) to expose that data to support business decision-making.

How We Deliver

Freedom to innovate, collaboration to advance, community to energize.

Blackspoke is a company of self-directed, highly motivated problem solvers. Our people don’t wait to be told what to do. They study challenges, assess options, and recommend optimized, prioritized solutions. We then add collaboration across high-caliber contributors that advances solutions beyond the sum of their component parts. We deliver exceptional solutions through end-to-end critical thinking that generates effective initial ideas and improves them with peer review and consultation. As a team of high-performing individuals who are motivated by delivering next-level capabilities through technology, we create an energized community that is focused, flexible, and fun.

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